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Brian Martin

HEAD BJJ instructor

Brian is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Team Marcus Soares Canada and the head instructor at Tiger Jiu-Jitsu Academy.  He began training martial arts, as an adult in 2001, discovering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2005 and dedicating himself completely to the martial art shortly after. Brian began teaching BJJ in 2012 and has since been working on perfecting teaching as his craft. Brian has been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to train under many high-level practitioners including 9th degree Red Belt Fernando Pinduka and many other notable practitioners from across North America, Europe, the UK, Japan and Brazil. This has helped to develop Brian's unique teaching style, thanks, in-part, to the wide array of influences on both his technique, and his approach to teaching.


Nelson Sobral

HEAD MMA instructor

Nelson, as a lifelong student of Martial Arts, has trained in various disciplines such as Boxing, Wing Chun, Kickboxing, San Shou, Thai Boxing, Wrestling & Bjj. Nelson competed in many Kickboxing, BJJ and pro MMA bouts and is a common sight in the Toronto club and bar scene where he has worked as a bouncer for many years which has helped him shape a practical approach to his Martial Arts experience. Since retiring from active competition Nelson has focused on sharing his knowledge and helping others find their Martial Arts path whether it be through teaching classes, private lessons or helping fighters get ready for competition and cornering them on the day of combat.